Pre-orders for .uk domains now available

ukThis summer will see the release of shorter .uk domain names. Registrars are now allowing pre-orders of these domain names to holders of the version. If you are currently using a domain name based upon keywords rather than your business name, it is worth while taking advantage of this opportunity – unlike domain names containing trademarks, generic domain names (such as ‘’) will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

123-reg is the primary domain registrar we use for and domain names – their pre-order price for a .uk domain is £11.99 including VAT.

Paypal and Payment Gateway Costs

As a follow up to our previous post ‘ECommerce Start-up Costs‘, the following calculator can be used to estimate the expected monthly costs for both Paypal and a Payment Gateway. For each transaction made through Paypal, the costs are currently set at 20p plus 3.4% of the value of the order. For a Payment Gateway such as Worldpay, typical costs are £19.99+VAT per month plus 1.95% of each transaction.

ECommerce Start-up Costs

Selling online can be a cost-effective way to launch a new business or grow an existing one. With the potential to be considerably cheaper than a bricks-and-mortar store, an eCommerce web site offers the possibility to sell your products or services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week without needing to worry about business and building rates or managing staff. So how much will it all cost? This month we take a look at costs involved in launching and running an eCommerce web site.

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New gTLD’s Launching December

ICANN have released the time table for the launch of the new gTLDs and it looks like they’ll be publicly available by the end of the year.

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) are a new range of domain extensions that aim to fix the issue with the declining availability of .com and domain names. Due to speculative domain name purchases (for the purpose of reselling for large profits), it is becoming very difficult for new businesses to find suitable .com and domains. ICANN will be making many new gTLDs available, including the following extensions;

  • .bank
  • .berlin
  • .brand
  • .cymru
  • .fan
  • .film
  • .hiv
  • .hotel
  • .how
  • .koeln
  • .lgbt
  • .london
  • .mov
  • .music
  • .new
  • .ninja
  • .nrw
  • .nyc
  • .photos
  • .qpon
  • .reviews
  • .scot
  • .shop
  • .site
  • .town
  • .wales
  • .web
  • .wien
  • .wiki
  • .xyz
  • Free Font Friday – Primitive

    We first noticed this antique gothic typeface in 2005 – sadly we are yet to find a commercial application for it. There is a marked contrast between the extravagant uppercase and the more reserved lowercase – the double strokes add a historical and almost nautical feel to the letters.


    Primitive can freely be used in commercial projects and can be downloaded from Font/Need.

    Primitive preview

    What is Web Content?

    In the world of web design and search engine optimisation there is one adage that always rings true – content is king. A website needs to impress with the information it displays and a failure to provide original and relevant content will have an impact on its appeal to both visitors and search engines.

    So what exactly is content? The term content can be broken down into two categories – textual and multimedia.
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    Free Font Friday – Clementine Sketch

    This month we take a look at Clementine Sketch – a cursive typeface with a difference. While there are literally thousands of handwritten fonts available online (our favourite is Hand of Sean), finding a stylish ‘inline’ example is a rarity. Clementine Sketch ticks all of the right boxes and is suitable for both header text and graphic work.
    Clementine Sketch Sample
    Clementine Sketch avoids potential issues with gaps/incomplete outlines by providing an innovative combination of both ‘closed’ and ‘unclosed letters’. Clementine Sketch There are no upper-case letters included in the set of characters – words need to be started with a capital letter and finished with a ^ symbol. The only other irregularities are with W and V (W needs to be preceded with a ^ and V has to be preceded with a ‘v’ and followed with a capital letter).

    For example;
    The^ Quick^ Bro^wn^ Fox^ Jumps^ O^vEr^ The^ Lazy^ Dog^

    Clementine Sketch can be downloaded for free from

    Free Font Friday – Hanford

    You may recognise this month’s free font – Hanford is a beautiful script that is heavily influenced by the widely used Vivaldi™ typeface. Unlike Vivaldi, Hanford is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. A mixture of calligraphic strokes (made with a flat nibbed pen) and copperplate strokes (made with a round nibbed pen) are combined to create elegant letters ideally suited to work which requires a formal but graphically exciting tone.

    Hanford (not Vivaldi)

    This iconic typeface is available for download from