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eCommerce Writing Flawless Product Pages for eCommerce Sites


Buying products online is more convenient for a customer than visiting a bricks and mortar shop but it is often regarded as riskier. The shopper is relying on the information you provide and there is likely to be an underlying fear the product will not match up to expectations or be unsuitable for their requirements. It is vital the information you provide is accurate and helps to instil trust in your online shop.

Identifying Keywords

Before writing the descriptions for the products you wish to feature in your online shop, think about which keywords you will need to include. It is always important to consider how your website will be seen by Search Engines as well as potential shoppers – as individual product pages are often a lot shorter than other pages on websites it is vital to ensure the content you use is as optimized as possible.


If you are reselling products manufactured by other companies it can be tempting to rely solely on their sales literature. As well written as it may be, doing so will not help your site to appear on search engine pages. It is very simple for Google to spot plagiarism and repeating content found on other websites only serves to lower the amount of original content on your site. Whilst we advise that website pages should contain at least 300 words, for product pages we would ensure the description has no fewer than 150.


The simplest method for creating successful descriptions for your online store is to put yourself in the position of a customer. If you were buying the product, what would you want to know about it? What details would reassure you and what would make you buy the product?

Emphasizing Benefits

It is very unlikely there will be no alternatives to your products sold on other websites or in shops. They may be available for purchase at the same price as yours (or cheaper) so it is important to reinforce the message that your products are better than those sold by your competitors. Highlight the advantages your product has over others – even if you are reselling a product you can still write about the quality of the packaging or after-sales support.

Establishing Trust

Without any doubt the most successful online store is Amazon. There are many reasons why they are so successful and it would be very difficult for a smaller business to emulate many of the techniques they use to maintain their dominance of the eCommerce world. One technique you can use is to establish trust in your products and business by incorporating product reviews. Amazon were early adopters of allowing product reviews to be left by customers and the (mostly) impartial reviews help to reassure potential customers that the description of the product they may purchase is accurate and truthful.

All product reviews left on Amazon are left for everybody to see, even the negative ones. This was originally seen as a brave move but the end result is a review system which is very trust worthy. It is impossible to please everybody all of the time and sites like Amazon and Tripadvisor are testimony to this. By all means offensive, inaccurate or defamatory reviews should be removed but consider leaving legitimate reviews which explain why the product wasn’t the right one for their situation. An average review of four stars with the occasional review of ‘I struggled to use this product in an enclosed space’ is more believable than a page of highly complementary five star reviews.

An additional benefit of allowing reviews to be left is that it adds to the page length and also the freshness of your website. From a search engine perspective there is no difference between your content and your customer reviews – they will be original and likely to be rich in keywords.


As with all website content you will need to present your product descriptions in an easy to read format. Consider using bullet points to list features and avoid lengthy paragraphs. In addition to text and product photos it is beneficial to both SEO and visitor experience to include videos of the product in use.

Following these six steps will enable you to create product pages that will appeal to both customers and search engines alike. All that remains is to ensure your product photos are as good as your descriptions!

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Marketing New .uk domains launch today


Today sees the launch of the short .uk domain extension, anybody who has registered a or will have first choice of the corresponding .uk domain name. This automatic reservation runs until 10th June 2019 so if you don’t feel the need to register your existing domain as a .uk there is no immediate pressure to remove it from circulation.

This reservation system does limit the immediate benefits of .uk domains. They were introduced to help counter the short supply of available domain names but will not be of any noticeable help until the five year reservation period have passed.

Pricing for .uk domains will depend on the registrar used – using 123reg we registered for two years at £11.98 inc VAT.

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font Free Font Friday – Mystery Quest & Fredericka the Great

This month we look at two fantastic and quirky typefaces, Mystery Quest and Fredericka the Great. Both of these are available through Google’s Web Fonts platform and are suitable for print and website design.


Mystery Quest is a playful 1960′s inspired typeface. Even though we would class it as an ornamental typeface best suited to page headings and other decorative purposes, Mystery Quest remains legible at smaller sizes.

S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r
s t u v w x y z

Download Via Google Fonts


Fredericka the Great is a quirky ornamental typeface created in the style of blackboard text – it looks best when set against a dark background but can be used as a subtle grungy font when placed on a light background.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q
R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
r s t u v w x y z

Download Via Google Fonts

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Marketing General pre-orders for .london domain names start

This month sees the pre-ordering of the new .london domain names opened to business owners without registered trademarks. During this phase of the pre-order process, priority for domain names for businesses is given as follows;

  • 1st Priority – Applicants with a valid London address who are registering their business name
  • 2nd Priority – Applicants with a valid London address
  • 3rd Priority – Applicants with an address outside of London

The yearly price of a .london domain will vary depending where it is registered – the four largest UK domain registrars are currently charging between £19.99 and £36.99 a year for each domain registered.

General availability for .london domain names starts on September 9th.

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