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The Ten Commandments of Web Typography


When it comes to design, typography should never be underestimated. Whether you are designing for print or creating a web page there are several important rules which need to be observed. There are times when it is possible to break several of these typographic laws but if you are presenting large quantities of copy on a web page they should be followed closely.

The ten most important commandments of web typography are as follows;
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Pinterest – Should your Business Start Pinning?


Looking at a list of the most popular web sites on the internet it’s clear to see that social sites have a healthy presence at the top of the rankings. Amongst the major platforms used is Pinterest, a relative newcomer to the growing world of Social Media. Pinterest was launched at the start of 2010 and has rapidly grown in popularity. While other platforms have a larger following, research by shows Pinterest is becoming more widely used as a tool to drive visitors to linked sites. The following graph shows the percentage of referral traffic generated online by each social platform last month.

Pinterest performing well for Social Referrals

The undisputed leader is clearly Facebook but Pinterest is managing to outperform all other social sites combined. That is quite an achievement and one which should definitely prompt website owners to consider including it in their social marketing activities.
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Black Hat SEO – Knowing the Enemy


Having a website appear at the top of search pages is often seen as being of such high importance that many businesses invest huge quantities of time and money to achieve it. The ease of which a first page ranking can be achieved depends on the strength of the competition. For niche markets targeting a single country or region it can be very simple to reach the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) by just creating a fantastic website.
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