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John Anthony Architectural Services

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Sector: Architectural Services

Client Background

John Anthony Architectural Services are based in the village of Chorley, just outside of Bridgnorth. They offer all aspects of domestic and commercial architectural services and provide a personal, flexible approach, adapted to the needs, aspirations, time-scale and budget of their clients.

Website Objectives

The design brief was to create a welcoming site that wouldn’t overwhelm visitors with technical specifications, legal advice and planning information. Together we decided that a four page site would be sufficient to provide an insight into building design and the planning process without making the site unnecessarily complex. Sometimes less is more!

Project Outcome

We worked closely with our copywriters to produce client-friendly content, then designed an accessible and clean layout to add emphasis to the text where needed. Client feedback has been fantastic, with unprompted praise focused on the site’s ease of use – their comments confirm that the site has answered their initial questions and provided them with the information they needed and the confidence to make further contact.

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