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Laura Cathcart Millinery

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Location: Shropshire, London
Sector: Bespoke Millinery

Laura Cathcart has quickly established herself as one of the country’s top Society milliners. Brought up in Norfolk and London, Laura is now based at her ‘Hat Factory’ studio on the Pimlico Road in Belgravia.

We worked closely with Laura Cathcart’s design team to create a sophisticated and stylish eCommerce site to showcase her chic and distinctive hats. We kept the design of the pages as minimalistic as possible – the understated pages contrast with the bold beauty of Laura’s bespoke hats.

Hat Box Traditional yet superfluous eCommerce elements such as the site breadcrumb were removed in an attempt to reduce as much unnecessary screen clutter as possible. The shopping cart has also been replaced with a hat box which remains hidden until the visitor has marked a hat for purchase.

The site was built with mobile usage in mind as a large number of visitors will be accessing it through Apple iPads and Android tablets.

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