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Stotty Strollers

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Location: Shropshire
Sector: Outdoor Activities

Client Background

The Stotty Strollers website is a Shropshire council funded project managed by a diverse group of people who are passionate about walking. The group are responsible for the maintenance of the areas footpaths and bridleways and organise group walking events around Stottesdon.

Website Objectives

The design brief was to create a calm, relaxing website utilising pastel colours and an uncluttered layout that matched the look and feel of the group’s existing printed material.

Site Design

Stotty Strollers already had a fantastic logo which we decided to use as the basis for the eye-catching header of the website. The idea of rolling hills was used to create a smooth, flowing design which mirrored the beautiful countryside of this picturesque region of Shropshire.

Part of the brief was the inclusion of a ‘Seasonal Sights’ page, which would include details and pictures of the sights and sounds that walkers would likely experience. This page was developed to change automatically to match the current season. We also produced A4-sized PDF files of these pages which could be printed for use in publications and on notice boards.

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