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Sugar Glider Shop

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Sector: Animal Supplies

Client Background

The Sugar Glider Shop provides food, supplements and equipment for keepers of sugar gliders. These small Australasian marsupials require specialised diets and need more care and attention than traditional pets. The shop owner, Marie, is a noteworthy breeder of sugar gliders in the UK and has appeared on several television and radio shows.

Project Objectives

A new web site was requested that would combine a WordPress blog with a full-featured eCommerce solution. The brief was to create a natural looking design that would incorporate images of Marie’s own sugar gliders. A new logo, stationary and product labels were also required.

Site Design

To achieve a naturalistic look we produced a vibrant design that included photographs and realistic vector images to create a scene matching the sugar gliders’ natural habitat. By using a subtley blured photograph as the page background we were able to create a sense of depth that effectively contrasted with the sharp detail of each page content.


As the Sugar Glider Shop were also launching their own brand of food supplements, labels were needed for the packaging. We used elements of the site on a plain background that could be used on the labels throughout their range of products.

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